Warped Tour 2014 Interviews

Van’s Warped Tour Interviews

We invaded Van’s Warped Tour once again this year. In 2012, we had such a great experience that we definitely wanted to do it again. In 2013, they only approved us the day before, which meant that we couldn’t set up anything in such a short time. This year, they approved us really early, however the design of the Warped Tour itself, made it extremely difficult to get a bunch of interviews done.

If you don’t know what that means, or have never been, the artists have no idea what time they are playing until the day of each show. There is no set schedule, and it makes it difficult to schedule interviews when every time slot is different each show. While this is great for the bands, the fans, and the festival (as you have to show up for the whole show to see a band you want to see), it does make it difficult to get interviews. We did however catch up with Chelsea Grin, and Alex, to his credit, remembered me from two years ago. “Don’t I know you?” And we also got to meet with Vanna.

We had a number of others set up, but all the other bands we set times with, never showed up for their times. It is what it is, and we got a lot of photos and we heard a ton of great music.

Chelsea Grin: