Threat Signal talk post-label prospects

The Threat Signal guys and the Metalluminati have known each other for a very long time, and whenever we hang out with them, alcohol happens…don’t even get us started on what happened in Las Vegas last time we hung out! Jon was a bit under the weather when he arrived in Santa Cruz, so he was getting as much sleep as he could before hitting the stage, even though I got to catch up with him at dinner solo. I’ve known Pat and Travis for a number of years, but there were some newbies…the rhythm guitarist Matt “Fuck Face” Perrin and drummer Joey Muha. Threat Signal has gone through a number of line-up changes that I have witnessed over the years, but the core group has still remained and continued on.

Threat Signal’s contract with Nuclear Blast is over, and they were discussing a number of options going forward, including DIY (which as you know we are a huge fan of!), but they were early in thinking about how they were going to go forward. It is difficult to consider a record label when you have to buy your own CD’s at $7.00 a pop for the privilege to sell them on tour! This is not just Nuclear Blast, it is pretty standard for most record labels.

I did get to hear a number of demo tracks off the upcoming album they are working on, and it was VERY impressive to say the least. The band has been expanding their sound and influences in the tracks that I heard. We had a great time with the Threat Signal lads, many drinks were had as we always do, and we look forward to catching them the next time they come around.

Threat Signal is doing a full US tour with Chimaira and The Browning, and then heading out to do a European Tour with The Agonist. As we have said a number of times, touring is really the way to reach your fans to grow your brand as a band.