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New Threat Signal video with a Metalluminati cameo (well, sort of!)

A few weeks ago, Jeff went to Vegas to ambush our buddies in Threat Signal for one of our first interviews everrrrr. (be sure to check that out too — lots of music biz and DIY advice!)

So, this past weekend, Jeff got a text from frontman Jon Howard saying “Hey man, you will love our new video!”  Now, this is a little odd since we already dig pretty much everything Threat Signal put outs, but now interest was piqued higher than usual.

Then, only seconds into the video, we see Jon flying the company colors — he’s wearing a Metalluminati shirt!  And not just some quick cut either, but throughout the entire video!


The “Comatose” video was helmed by our homeboy Tommy at the studio, and the song is on Threat Signal’s latest self-titled album.

Follow Threat Signal on Facebook and Twitter, and keep an eye out for when they come to your town. Oh, and they’ll buy a drink for anyone who approaches them at a show and screams “METALLUMINATI!!!!” 🙂