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The Metalluminati at Bay Area Metal Fest

This past weekend, we welcomed the bands of the Zombie Apocalypse Tour to Oakland for their final date at the Bay Area Metal Fest!

It was kind of a bittersweet occasion — the touring shenanigans of the last three weeks were now coming to an end and we were one band short as Casket of Cassandra had to forgo playing B.A.M.F. due to drummer Chris Campagna being hospitalized after a car accident in Washington state.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a good time!

B.A.M.F. headliners Allegaeon talked to us about why it’s sometimes hard to just “get up and go” out on the road to tour, and why it’s important to stay active on Facebook and Twitter during the interim so your fans don’t forget about you.


Next up were the guys in DepriVation, who trekked here all the way from Australia to play the Zombie Apocalypse Tour, which actually was their first U.S. tour.  They were a little too drunk to get into anything too detailed, but they did tell us about how touring stateside has sent their Facebook fans and ReverbNation play numbers thru the roof.


After that, was our longtime buddy Scott Chavez from the Bay Area’s own Short Fuse.  He told us about the importance of actually talking to other bands so you can look out for each other and share opportunities as they arise. (the douchey term for it is “networking”)

Case in point:  Scott’s comments about injured Casket drummer Chris Campagna at 2:15


Switching gears a little, we talked to Weapon Status Red vocalist Derek Thompson from the Bay Area, who also has formed a Pantera cover band as a side project to help fund his main hustle.  Just one step closer to quitting that nine-to-five…


And last but nowhere near the least were Modesto’s Better Left Unsaid. They take the honor of being the first band to make us nauseous during an interview, after previously being the first band to pull a knife on us on-camera.

No biggie!


All in all, it was a crazy marathon day to end a crazy marathon month of gigging and touring. And after crashing later that night in America’s second dirtiest hotel, the Metalluminati and Nemesis Records extended family were glad to finally have a few days to get busy doing absolutely nothing.

…Hence why this blogpost took a few days to finally get posted!