The always forward-thinking Mark Hunter of Chimaira

Mark Hunter has always been a visionary in the metal music biz, and is usually on the same page as us in regards to the direction of the music industry (wait, does the industry even have a direction?!?) 

Earlier on in their careers, Chimaira used Napster and to get their music to the masses, while the rest of the music establishment pushed back against using such new, guerrilla-oriented digital avenues of getting their name out there. Mark has talked about these ideas with us in the past, but we were stoked to know that he would be coming through Northern California so we could do a proper interview.

In the interview, Mark discussed how the band used crowdfunding to raise money for touring and creating their newest album. He also went over the band’s current business plan of re-tooling their lineup, spending time on building up their Internet presence, and pushing harder on make Chimaira’s live performance a more memorable one.