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Andy Dörner of Caliban says merch and touring pays the bills

Recently, I caught up with Caliban frontman Andy Dörner and asked him about the differences between touring in Europe versus the U.S., their new release I Am Nemesis, and how touring pays the bills.   The music industry has been changing dramatically  (downloading, declining album sales, etc.). So, how do you guys stay current with the industry and find …

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DIY Tools for Pro-Sounding Recordings (Part 1)

When it comes to adding third-party plug-ins to your recordings, there is abundance. Many are over-priced and out of reach for most musicians. Relying on successful branding, Neve, Pultec, etc., companies like Waves and Universal Audio charge premium prices for digital “replicas” of classic outboard gear and may require the purchase of additional hardware to …

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