Summer is Coming…

Touring Season

Touring season is upon us once again, and metal fans will be coming out in force to see their favorite bands. Most notably will be Mayhem Festival for those that like the classic metal feel, and Van’s Warped Tour for those that like the newer metal and variety. Lamb of God and Slipknot will be on the road, and some of the great classics like Van Halen will be on the road!


Bands In Vans

The big festivals are great, but does it really help you get to find new bands and music that you might not have heard or a performance you haven’t seen? The big festivals have been having trouble selling out these tours, but the smaller venues have been having trouble too! How often are you going out to check out a mid-level band on tour? Sure you can see the local bands, hell they seem to play every weekend and wonder why the draw is dead. As a fan, that does nothing for you either! But as a metal fan, you should definitely check out and help those bands in vans!

Going out to the local venue that is trying to book mid-level touring acts is the road to making them bigger acts. It also means that you get to see these bands while they are young and accessible to their fans. You can drink with them and even hang out talking music!

So check out some mid-level metal, and support them on tour!