DIY Recommended Touring

Book your own shows with ‘Indie on the Move’

We always tell artists to be as self-reliant as possible — which includes booking your own shows!

However, with most cities, the average musico probably won’t have the slightest clue about what venues to play or whom to contact about doing so.  Usually, this results in bands hiring a booking agent (who usually have other priorities) or simply doing nothing after hitting the dead-end.

Well, that shouldn’t happen anymore thanks to Indie On The Move.

At its core, Indie On The Move (IOTM) is a city-by-city directory of venues and their direct contact for booking shows.  For bands, this takes away hours of web-crawling and trying to figure out who to e-mail about playing at a venue.  IOTM even lets you sort venues by size (capacity) and genre, so you know exactly where to shoot based on your band’s status.

Along with booking info, each venue page includes Yelp-style reviews from a performer’s perspective and vitals like photos and video, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.  It’s almost like IOTM have read musicians’ minds about what info they’d want on venues — which makes sense because the site actually was created by Philly rock band Zelazowa. (artists helping artists!)

Whether you’re planning a nationwide tour or just wanna know where you could play in your hometown, IOTM is one helluva resource to lock down shows for your band.

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