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Soulbound’s Mario Krause talks about marketing a music video

Soulbound (Germany) recently released a new music video “Break Away,” and talked to us about the music industry from a European perspective. Drummer Mario Krause spoke to us about how they approach marketing, artistic concepts, images, and press.

What are some of the ways that you have grown your band, and brand as an artist?

We tried to create an unique image for Soulbound. You’ll know what I mean when you watch our new music video for our latest single Break Away, from our upcoming album Myllennium, which will be released in 2014 .

The moment in which the color bomb hits the protagonist represents the exact second when the people realize what they’re actually doing . They free themselves from their bad mannerisms and their horrible habits. They leave their worries behind and start to push forward. By the way, that’s also the thought which surrounds our first record Towards The Sun. Towards The Sun, don’t look back on your failures made in the past, don’t let anything bring you down.

We incorporate this moment, these colors, in every aspect of ‘creating an image for Soulbound. Every member of the band has his own color and we’re bringing these colors into the Soulbound image.

When you look at our Facebook Page the first thing you see is this gigantic banner with our pics taken out of the video for Break Away and these colors are basically the first thing that jumps right in your face when you open our page. We want people to see those colors and immediately think about Soulbound, not about the colors themselves.

How are videos something that a band uses to get exposure? Are they still relevant?

A good song is awesome — put a good song together with a great music video and it’s totally fucking awesome!

It makes people watch the song over and over again, even if they’re sick of the song itself because a great music video in collaboration with a great song will always work better than a song alone. When people listen to good songs, they feel an emotion, happy, sad, whatever. When people listen to a song having a matching visual input, this feeling doubles.

How often do you tour? Is touring a major part of your business plan as a band?

Right now we’re putting all our energy in our upcoming album and just releasing our music video. Sure, we play some shows here and there, but our main goal is to create a monster record!

Of course, touring is a big part in a band’s career. I mean, what’s the point of writing music when you can’t bring it to the people out there? After we’re done with our new record, we’ll get our asses out there and tour the shit out of Germany, Europe and maybe the rest of the world