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Recoil V.O.R. continuing to do it DIY


Our good friends in Recoil VOR have been doing it DIY for a decade, and with their newest album released today Sleep for the Masses (you might even see Jeff in their music video at some point), we wanted to catch up with our buddy Wade McKay from down under.

So I know you guys pretty well… so what took so long in completing this album?

Hey dude! Yeah, this took a while, even for us. We approached this album differently, and just spaced it out…probably shouldn’t have! We never thought it would be a two year process.

We are all about supporting the artist side of things, as you well know, so what things are you doing to continue to succeed in music?

Well, we just do pretty much everything ourselves to help distribute and market our music, and rely on websites like MI to let us have our five minutes. We never stop thinking forward and have a real DIY approach, as you know you can’t rely on anyone but yourself.

Sounds like you know us all too well with that tag line!


Explain how the Aussie music scene differs from other parts of the world, and what things have you had to do differently to continue to gain fans and stay relevant?

In Oz, the places to play are fading. There is a lot of travel with less towns between, compared to Europe or the United States. It does cost a lot to tour. We stay relevant by marketing, online presence, and trying to offer the fans something a little different than the usual CD or standard shirt.

What tools are you using (be it Social Media, Press, Etc) to help reach your fans, and grow as a band?

We pretty much use all the social media we can. I’m sure we are missing one or two, but that is a mission…keeping it relevant sometimes. We use street press, mags, PR campaigns, and word of mouth.

Finally, we were humbled to learn that you used us in one of your song lyrics on this album! Why are we so cool to be added in your lyrics? And can you tell us the lyrics that we are in?

Being in this band for over a decade and connecting with people all over the world, we have found only a handful of people/organizations that will talk to you or help without demanding money…we get that businesses have to make money, but I have always networked…and Jeff and I hit it off from the first email. He helped in putting on a show for us in San Francisco, CA, helped us with advice, setting up a music video shoot, and just being a straight up good guy with no ulterior motive. I think it is hard these days to find anyone like that, so it really made an impact on me. The lyrics just popped into my writing that day. I like to give shout outs to people who deserve it. The lyrics are in the track El Dia Mas Largo.¬†The lyrics are:

Yeah I might die alone, but the picture in my head was painted long ago

Now freyed, to something a little less fruitless

Truth is, it hasn’t been used much at all

Be a part of the plan

Metalluminati’s family man – life life

Thanks for the good words brother, and hope to see you in the states again soon!

You can get the Recoil VOR album Sleep for the Masses on Google Play and iTunes