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PledgeMusic: Only for the squeamish?

A few weeks ago, we talked about PledgeMusic as a great fan-funding alternative to Kickstarter for bands outside of the U.S.

Naturally, Bay Area death-comedy metallers Feral Depravity heard about PledgeMusic on our Facebook Page and went for it since they could use it with PayPal (Kickstarter only allows Amazon Payments). Specifically, Feral Dep wanted to use PledgeMusic to fund a tour walking the fine line between safe sex awareness and adorable gore-comedy, not unlike Cannibal Corpse.

Problem is, all that gore-comedy was a little too br00tal for PledgeMusic’s internal Morality Police.

Here’s the e-mail Feral Dep got back from PledgeMusic’s “assessment team,” who must approve each project submission before it goes live:

Hi there,

We have reviewed your project and taken a look at some of your promo videos to gauge how feasible it is to meet your goals. While we think its [sic] an honourable mission to seek to educate people about safe sex, on reflection we feel that some of your content is inappropriate and out of sync with PledgeMusic’s message and ethic.

I personally do understand the comedy grind angle and its tongue in cheek sensibility, alas it can come across as crass, tasteless and offensive to users of our platform and staff alike. We have to gauge how our wider audience would view your content.

I’m afraid on this occasion we are going to have to decline your project, and I assure you this is a decision we have made lightly [sic, I hope] as it is by no means our intention to stiffle [sic] any band/artist’s creativity no matter how they choose to express themselves.

However, we do wish you all the best with your mission.


Ummm… Okay.

Despite touting themselves as being “run by music people” and helping artists “to raise money for anything your music career needs,” PledgeMusic’s staff apparently do not dig the death metal.  Internationally renown Apocalyptica are fine, but underground metalheads are not.

To each their own — but if you’re interested in fan-funding and your music runs on the edgier side, you’d be better off creating a U.S. bank account and going with Kickstarter.  Granted that Feral Dep’s proposal video (seen below) probably could have used a little polish to look more appealing atop a pledge page, PledgeMusic’s arbitrary judgement of what’s “inappropriate” and “tasteless” makes their dedication to musicians seem shaky, at best.

Of course, if you’re radio-friendly (e.g. Ben Folds Five) or even Hot Topic-friendly (e.g. The Defiled), then by all means try PledgeMusic.