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Download Wristbands let everyone at your show have your music “on hand”

One of the most abundant sights at SXSW is bands handing out free copies of their music on CD. Problem is, since most SXShow-goers are tirelessly walking around all day, the last thing people want is something they have to carry around. Especially when it’s something that’s not pocket-friendly — like CD’s. Luckily, there’s a more convenient …

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Amazon now gives free MP3’s of any CD you’ve bought since 1998 is probably the last survivor of online music retailers who were around during the birth of the interwebs. (R.I.P. CDNow)  I remember being a routine Amazon visitor throughout my 20th Century childhood to prescreen potential album purchases in revelatory 30-second excerpts. Now, in the latest death knell for compact discs, Amazon has unveiled AutoRip. For …

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