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More than an artist

The days of simply being an artist have long gone, and yet I still see a lot of bands not taking a more business-like approach to their company (band). Then there are the others that have naturally taken various roles besides being just the musician, driver, and/or merch seller. Then finally, the situation where bands have one member trying to do EVERYTHING, and this leads to resentments, stress, and only works for the right person.

Just like each of you plays a different instrument in the band, you should definitely define the roles you will each play in your business. Some members of the band definitely have stronger skills in this area, so utilize this. As an artist, you focus on your music, your performance, and your recordings, but as we all know, there are many more aspects of it than this. With the way the music industry is failing artists with supporting their growth, there is an increased pressure for artists to do more of their own managing, marketing, bookings, recordings … practically everything before they even give you any thought.

In looking at your band, consider who already is the social media whore, who books the shows and does a management roll, who does the interviews and mingles with fans, etc. Bands do so much better when these rolls are defined and shared. It also allows each person to just take the lead in each of these aspects.

If you want to succeed, I would split the business rolls into some simple parts:

  • Managing – Handles setting up recording times, rents for practice studios, getting merch, setting up your music for distro, getting art and logos set up, etc.
  • Booking – One person deals with setting up the shows, handling the venues, setting everything for the performances, promoting the shows, setting up gas stops, hotels or rest stops, etc.
  • Social Media/Press – This person handles all your online stuff and deals with setting up press interviews, and makes themselves the person updating status’ on everything while on tour, in the studio, and documenting the bands move everywhere.
  • Fan Person – All of the band should take time to meet and great fans, and do as much as possible. But we all know, with everything that is going on, it is tough for all to do this. The Fan Person should be out with fans talking to them no matter what and every time.

Now, if no one wants to do this, you can bring in people to do this, but no one will have as deep an interest in your success as YOU! No one said life in a band would be easy, so take control!


Jeff Schenck
Founder | The Metalluminati