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King Parrot invade America

Matt Young of Aussie Metallers King Parrot have been on a constant touring schedule in Australia, the United States, Canada, and next in Indonesia. For those in Australia, Higgo, is a main-stay of the Australian Metal Radio airwaves on Triple M Distortion. He has helped many bands get on his show from all over the globe when he likes their music. Higgo contacted me before they came out to the US, telling me I HAD to go see this band, and if I could offer any help on their tour.

I was on the road with Kinetik and Betrayed By Weakness, and hopped off in North Hollywood to catch their second show with Cattle Decapitation at The Whisky-a-Go-Go (it is just the Whisky folks!). I met up with the lads on the Sunset Strip before hand, and got to know them. Killer dudes, crazy fucks! Backstage (upstairs for those that know the joint), I had a long talk with Josh Elmore from Cattle Decapitation after dinner at the Rainbow. He saw them in Fresno when they played together for the first show, and said it was a must see. I was excited to see these crazy cunts on stage, and I wasn’t disappointed.



As I was watching with Josh on the load-in stairs sidestage, Travis Ryan (singer of Cattle Decapitation) sneaks down the stairs, and gives me the ‘shhhhh’ sign with his finger to his lips. He then proceeds to bolt down the stairs, onto the stage and onto Slatts (KP bass player) and ride him like a horse around the stage. Travis then jumps off Slatts, and grabs Matt (KP singer) tackling him off the stage and into the crowd. The crowd holds them both up, and they go fucking ape shit.

During the second to the last song, Matt orders the crowd to part the pit, looking like he is going to command a standard ‘wall of death’ scenario…only Matt jumps into the center of the parted pit with the mic in hand, and screams, “NOW!” and the crowd obliges.

San Francisco

So now, after a full US and Canadian Tour, I caught up with them here in San Francisco at Thee Parkside, and asked them how the tour went. Chuck Billy of Testament was there to support them, as they played together in Melbourne.

If you ever get the chance to see these fuckers, who ended up crashing all over my house (follow me on IG @j_metalluminati for some hilarious videos and images from the night), definitely GO!  You will be bruised afterwards for sure!