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How the Internet is changing metal

A few weeks ago, we previewed Metal Injection‘s five-part On the Record documentary about the past decade metal.  We especially were geeked to see the episode on how the Internet revolutionized the metal scene.

Now, episode #3 of On the Record is out and has so many money-quotes that it’s hard for me to pick just one.  But, if push came to shove…

“Though they say the music industry is dying, I think it’s at one of its strongest points ever on the musical side. Because more music is being consumed now than at any other time.”


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And one more quote for all of you musicians who still think you can’t get tours or other opportunities without selling records…

“When you start seeing — from the business perspective of things — analytics being based off of unique impressions, eyeballs, and clicks before album sales, it has a huge profound impact.”

You can check out previous parts of On the Record at Metal Injection.