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House Parties Making a Come Back?

We all remember the crazy videos from our favorite bands at house parties or out in the woods creating a show! There are plenty of stories of the old punk days in the desert where bands brought generators into the middle of nowhere, and just partied! This was the purest for of the art form in relation to the fans…they were all part of it and create an underground.

So where has this gone?

For the most part, ‘the man’ frowns on this type of thing because of the unsupervised youth doing drugs and going wild in the badlands, or the neighbors hating on the noise. But what are the youth supposed to do?? There is nowhere left for them to go!

Well a group of underground kids in the Sacramento Valley (Woodland, CA to be specific) posting as Grizzilla Studios (couldn’t find anything more on them) have had a House Show before (see video). They are going to be doing it again, on June 6th. So if you are in the area, want to go old skool, and feel a truly underground show… show up for $3 and bring your own… well whatever!

House Show Part Two
945 North St, Woodland, CA

House Show