Gojira drummer gives advice on resolving band conflicts

We caught up with Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier before their show at the Fillmore in San Francisco last week.

One of the best pieces of insight Mario gave us was about how the band has stayed together so long. Since their start in 1996, Gojira have had the same line-up — and Mario told us this was because of steady communication between all four members to nip any conflicts in the bud, before they can wreak havoc on the marriage band.  Seems like Mr. Duplantier would be an excellent couples therapist!

Another thing Mario told us about was how the band members’ business roles differed when they first started out.  As Mario put it, he and bassist Jean-Michel Labadie were always “the lazy ones” in the band, whereas his brother Joe Duplantier and guitarist Christian Andreu handled the left-brain end of things.