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How to sell 1 million albums and still be broke

By now, you’ve heard the RIAA talking point that “file-sharing hurts bands” even though artists in other genres are using it to blow up bigger than ever. ┬áMost record labels routinely spew the false analogy that “illegal downloading is stealing from artists.”

But have you ever seen the record deals that they sign these artists to?

One look at the lop-sided sharing of money from album sales makes it hard to believe that it’s the fans who are “stealing” from bands:


So, where exactly does all that money go?
Check out the video below to have it all explained:

With that in mind, artists need stop lashing out at fans for “stealing” their music, and instead direct that outrage at their own record labels’ exploitative practices.

Kudos to Techdirt and Refined Hype for circulating the hell outta this video.