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Download Wristbands let everyone at your show have your music “on hand”

One of the most abundant sights at SXSW is bands handing out free copies of their music on CD. Problem is, since most SXShow-goers are tirelessly walking around all day, the last thing people want is something they have to carry around.

Especially when it’s something that’s not pocket-friendly — like CD’s.

Luckily, there’s a more convenient way to give your music to fans after shows with Download Wristbands from CD Baby.  All you gotta do is ask the doorman to put one of these puppies on anyone who comes through the door to see your band, and they’ll have an extra keepsake after the show.  Each fan simply punches in a code on your web site and BOOM!  They have your music.

We’ve already talked about the advantages of giving your music away for free, but Download Wristbands are more than just a way to freebie your album.  You could use them to give away a limited release — like an acoustic EP or even a remix album — to fans who were lucky enough to see your band perform live.  This could end up working wonders for your concert attendance if fans know that’s the only way to get new or rare tracks from you.

Of course, we have lots of people tell us that CD’s are still cheaper to produce than other means of distributing music (e.g. USB drives, vinyl, etc.), but that’s not the case with Download Wristbands.  No matter which way you cut it, the price of pressing CD’s is still more than twice as expensive as Download Wristbands.

Download Wristband Prices

It’s only a matter of time before virtually all music purchases are digital.
So you’ll need a better way of getting your music into people’s hands. (or their wrists)