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Crew Feature – Charlie Griggs

Every Friday, we will will be featuring a new crew feature to give an insight in to what we do in the music industry. Touring crew members are some of the most underrated people in the industry, but without them, the show would not go on. From the tour manager to tour photographers, every role is crucial to a shows production.


Name: Charlie “Chuck” Griggs

When you started touring: Mid 2000’s with local bands and hip hop artists.

Specialty/position: Started off producing hip hop in the late 90’s then progressed to FOH. Now I mainly TM or PM but still take the occasional merch gig.

Music genre you work with the most: Metal & Hip Hop

Prefer bus or van tour? Bus 100% these days. Gives you the most comfort while on the road and saves on needing hotel rooms daily.

Your favorite band/artist: I have a long list of favorites from Between the Buried and Me to Hatebreed all the way to ATCQ and Al Green. It all depends on my mood.

Biggest struggle on tour: Staying healthy. It’s tough to eat right and stay on top of staying hydrated at times. Health is super important on the road and I’m guilty myself of not being on top of it.

How do you keep sane while on the road? By staying level headed as well as being sober on the road.

Any words of advice to people looking to start out in the touring industry?
Don’t just say you want to “tour” it’s a vague statement and whenever someone says to me they want to “tour” my next question always is: “What do you want to do on the road??”. If their answer is they don’t know but they just want to tour it’s shows they haven’t researched the different roles people play on the road. Find something that interest you whether it be lighting, video, sound, tour managing, merch, etc. Once you have a vague idea of that then go to your local venues and ask about being a stagehand and/or interning or working there to get your foot in the door. I have a friend who took this route and wanted to become a lighting director and eventually got a offered a last minute gig to do merch for a small tour. On that tour he took all his free time and shadowed and helped the LD on the tour and now fast forward a years that opportunity turned into him being booked almost year round as a LD touring the world. The point is have an avenue that you want to go down and stay humble, work your ass off and take every opportunity to learn something new.



FOH: Front Of House

TM: Tour Manage

PM: Production Manage

LD: Lighting Director

Merch: Merchandise sales/management