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Download Wristbands let everyone at your show have your music “on hand”

One of the most abundant sights at SXSW is bands handing out free copies of their music on CD. Problem is, since most SXShow-goers are tirelessly walking around all day, the last thing people want is something they have to carry around. Especially when it’s something that’s not pocket-friendly — like CD’s. Luckily, there’s a more convenient …

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Can’t use Kickstarter internationally? Then try PledgeMusic!

We’ve professed our love for Kickstarter here before (and crowdsourcing funds for your band, in general) so you don’t have to rely on a record label advance.  And indeed many bands have successfully used Kickstarter to fund their albums, tours, and even new gear. But, as much as we love it, there’s one little problem with Kickstarter — you can only …

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Wasn’t tape-trading also “piracy?”

Many people today condemn file-sharing as “piracy,” especially those who are deeper entrenched in the media cartel (obviously Lars, among others).  From a metalhead’s perspective, the glaring hypocrisy is how so many old-school metal bands made a name for themselves via the 1980’s tape-trading scene! If you don’t remember what tape-trading was, here’s a quick rundown: When cassette …

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DIY Tools for Pro-Sounding Recordings (Part 1)

When it comes to adding third-party plug-ins to your recordings, there is abundance. Many are over-priced and out of reach for most musicians. Relying on successful branding, Neve, Pultec, etc., companies like Waves and Universal Audio charge premium prices for digital “replicas” of classic outboard gear and may require the purchase of additional hardware to …

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