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Apples to Oranges

Thrash, Hardcore, Nu Metal, Glam, Grunge, Metalcore, Death Metal. What do all of these genres have in common? Two things: They can’t possibly exist under the same stadium roof together. The other thing is that they’re all part of the same musical family tree.

Constantly, I’m finding people all over the internet going on about how their favorite music is king and all others are all garbage. Reading ill-composed YouTube comments such as, “SLAYER PWNS ALL U FAGGITSS!!!! THRASH ALL THE WAY!!!11!!1!11”, sucks just about as much as hearing “Metallica sux, theres not enough breakdownz!!!!”. Why do we live in so much musical separatism in a time where so many different kinds of music should be coexisting in the same universe? I know plenty of thrashers and I know plenty of brocore kids, and the thing I’ve come to notice about all of them is that they’re quick to judge each others’ tastes, but they both like the same thing: HEAVY MUSIC.

Would you compare Cannibal Corpse to Korn? Yes their styles are different, but they’re both heavy, aggressive bands. Anthrax and Suicide Silence? Different styles, both heavy. Killswitch Engage and Motorhead? Very different, but both are heavy. It’s all heavy music, and despite what YouTube trolls say, it’s all Heavy Metal. No matter what subgenre you call it, it’s all metal. There’s a billion different ways to make the music heavy, so why must there be judgment? Open your ears and hear the heavy, everybody.


— Riles Olacs, Casket of Cassandra