Aftershock Festival 2014 – Interviews

Aftershock Festival has been a festival in Central California (Sacramento on the river in Discovery Park) that blends a wide variety of rock, hard rock, and metal acts. Last year, there were two main stages, and a side stage. This year the festival expanded to three main stages, and a side stage.

This year the triple digit heat was pretty unbearable, but the dust was something that was extremely brutal. The main concern besides the great performances, was the fans getting heat stroke. I watched a fan come over the guard rail while I was along the side of one of the main stages collapse and get taken out on a cart. The medical staff was amazing though and everywhere!

We took a ton of photos, and will post them separately, but we got to interview Cristina Scabbia and John 5 while we there, and we asked them about the industry and touring.