The metal zodiac!

Since this was such a hit on our Facebook Page, I figured I’d throw it up here too. I’m not much into horoscopes, but I can definitely get into this metal zodiac.  It’s been around for almost a year now, but I came across it again on creator Jolly Rotten’s page at Deviant Art.  Jolly is …

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Wasn’t tape-trading also “piracy?”

Many people today condemn file-sharing as “piracy,” especially those who are deeper entrenched in the media cartel (obviously Lars, among others).  From a metalhead’s perspective, the glaring hypocrisy is how so many old-school metal bands made a name for themselves via the 1980’s tape-trading scene! If you don’t remember what tape-trading was, here’s a quick rundown: When cassette …

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“The Internet — the thing that’s going to make my job obsolete!”

“The Internet — the thing that’s going to make my job obsolete!” That’s a half-joking remark made by Decibel Magazine editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian in the upcoming web documentary On the Record. Metal Injection (who produced the five-part series) say On the Record is a look at the past decade in metal, particularly the effects of the Internet on the …

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Andy Dörner of Caliban says merch and touring pays the bills

Recently, I caught up with Caliban frontman Andy Dörner and asked him about the differences between touring in Europe versus the U.S., their new release I Am Nemesis, and how touring pays the bills.   The music industry has been changing dramatically  (downloading, declining album sales, etc.). So, how do you guys stay current with the industry and find …

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LORD bassist Andy Dowling on the music biz (“the evolving industry”)

LORD is one of Australia’s highest profile heavy melodic bands. Having toured both nationally and internationally with artists such as: Queensryche, Nightwish, Saxon, Nevermore,  and Gamma Ray, as well as their own headlining tours and festival appearances.  Our Australian representative Jake Weber caught up with LORD’s bass player Andy Dowling to talk to him about …

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