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Why are metalheads so petty?

This is a guest post by ex-Warbringer guitarist Adam Carroll.

Adam contacted us immediately after seeing various reactions to yesterday’s death of Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker. Similarly, we noticed a fair share of well wishes prefaced with “I wasn’t a fan of Suicide Silence, but…” and felt Adam made a pointed observation about how, even in times of tragedy, metalheads will still make sure to let people know that they don’t like deathcore.

Lately, I’ve noticed that people in ‘the scene’ have been acting more disrespectful and just plain stupid.

I’m all for drinking beers and voicing your opinion — but with the very sad passing of Mitch Lucker yesterday, a lot of metalheads are talking shit about him and his band Suicide Silence.

When I was growing up, I was taught manners and respect.  And the way people are downright ragging on a guy after his passing simply because of the music he made is extremely disappointing.  I respect all the Suicide guys, and my love goes to their families and friends.

Mitch was always humble enough to take time out and talk to fans, no matter what.


Some of the smartest and most compassionate people I ever encountered growing up were metalheads.  The scene is based in a brotherhood; even if a particular band is not “your scene,” they should be respected — especially a band as diligent and deservingly successful as Suicide.

But there seems to be a lot of confusion with the younger generation.  The “scene” seems to be more of a superficial beauty pageant now rather than people hanging out, checking out music, and sharing stories.  I realize the poser-smashing days of the 80’s were a thrashing good time, but it’s now 20-fucking-12!  Ironically, most of the kids who are “anti-poser” now come off themselves as desperately trying to appear cool.

I’ve been criticized for cutting my hair and liking non-metal music.  I don’t dress like I’m seeing Exodus in 1985 and, yes, I like other kinds of music too!  Nowadays, all I hear is “This guy is lame because he listens to XYZ” or “Beatles shirt? Fucking hipster!”  The metal scene is becoming a bunch of bewildered kids who lash out at anything they don’t understand, rather than try to expend some brainpower to figure it out.

Not wanting to make this too long of a rant, I’ll leave it at this:  We’re all people.  Trying to live together in peace may sound corny coming from a metalhead, but hatred and prejudice only fuel the fire of stupidity.

So, grow up!

If we don’t take the higher road, we will be doomed to watch our lives (and ourselves) be defined only by what we hate.

R.I.P. Mitch Lucker

  • x

    So true fuck those kinda metalheads

  • Averatu

    Not meaning to pour petroleum on the fire here, but:

    1. I was invited by a ‘core’ band to review their gig, ended up getting picked out because I was the only metalhead with the long hair, came very close to getting mobbed but for the vocalist jumping off the stage to come to my rescue.

    2. I’m a metalhead, I enjoy ‘core’ music, Biohazard used to rock the party imho, but I cannot identify with ‘core’ values.

    3. I find it somewhat disturbing that the circumstances surrounding the announcement of this guys tragic death is now a metaphor for divisive ‘scene’ politics.

  • chris

    Wise wise words. Think its about time people grow the fuck up.

  • DJCadaverWUSC

    I respect you so much for this. This is something that I hate now that I live on the west coast. Back in SC, the music scene was basically us v everyone else. Metalheads, hardcore kids, pop punk kids, hipsters, djs, etc. all worked in the same scene and listened to the same stuff through crossing over. It is all interconnected and evolves. You support each other, otherwise everyone will fall. Even if you don’t like a genre or subculture, you respect it and are friends with those in it. You never know when someone can give you aid in booking or give you a place to sleep and shower for the night. Respect. Kids these days need to learn it.

  • actually i find this prejudice across all generations of metalheads, if anything more in the older ones because they don’t approve of the new metal genres that many of the younger ones may like. incredibly annoying

    • With all the music being produced today and image’d onto our people I think it’s fair to be able to decide what you like and what you don’t like. It’s not just Metalheads. Ask a rap fan anything about Jazz and half the time they don’t even know one Jazz artist nor anything to do with the music. In all respect, if you’re a proud Metalhead then you probably like more than just one genre anyway. Just my 2 cents.

    • very true

  • ShredderJoe

    Very well said. Words like these need to be spread more often.