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Aftershock Returns Again With A New Location!+

AFTERSHOCK 2015 We have been to, and covered, almost every Aftershock Festival and we are absolutely stoked to be there...

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Repaid In Death US Tour 2015 in Photos+

I was fortunate enough to have the honor of tracking along on this tour across the US, getting myself into...

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Mayhem 2015 Photos – The End?+

We have been covering Mayhem Festival for a number of years, and it was the basic replacement for Ozzfest. We...

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Van’s Warped Tour 2015 in Photos+

We are always happy to go to Van’s Warped Tour, while it is difficult to get to every place you...

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Touring Etiquette+

Being on tour, you will have a number of issues that will come up on the road. Long drives between...

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