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Australia’s Mighty Bok…Frankenbok!+

We are friends with a lot of Australian Bands, especially myself. I have worked with or hung out with Deprivation,...

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Mayhem 2014 Interviews+

This year we had a lot of interviews set up with a number of great artists. The festival was not...

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Detour! the road to music success has changed+

I think there is a misconception about what bands see as the road to success in the modern industry, and...

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The always forward-thinking Mark Hunter of Chimaira+

We got stoned with the Chimaira frontman, then tried to talk about complex stuff.

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Threat Signal talk post-label prospects+

With their Nuclear Blast contract now complete, Threat Signal mull their options for the band's future...

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Until We Sleep get real about DIY+

It is always great to talk with artists about their feelings on the industry and what they are doing to...

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