Your iPod is worth… $700 million???

Copyright dinosaurs have a well-documented history of filing lawsuits for absurd amounts of money against people who share music online.  Sure, punitive damages (i.e. punishment) make up most of the dollars, but do they really think they’re winning over any sympathy with these ridiculous figures? But maybe I have it wrong — maybe MP3’s really are worth that much …

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Fear Factory frontman “not surprised” with record labels collapsing

We talked to Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory right before Memorial Day in San Francisco. After giving some behind-the-scenes details on their new album The Industrialist  (drum machine brutality!), Burton also shared his own candid thoughts on the collapse of Roadrunner Records and the importance of bands today to have a good lawyer and not sign …

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Roadrunner Europe is dead — kill abusive indie labels next!

Two weeks ago, Roadrunner Records (arguably the biggest metal label in the world)  saw all of their international offices shut down by parent company Warner Music Group.  It was the proverbial “other shoe [that] dropped” from late 2010, when the Dutch-based Roadrunner was fully bought out by Warner. Officially, it was a cost-cutting move typical of major label …

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