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New Music from Asphodelos: The Five Rivers Of Erebos

Feature Image: Asphodelos 2017

Originating from “Hatred Within” in 2010, the Thuringian band Asphodelos play classical death metal with a slight Scandinavian touch. Since their foundation, they have released regular demos that have attracted a lot of attention within the scene. With the long-awaited debut album “The Five Rivers Of Erebos” the guys show now that they are ready to take the next step.


Musically, the listener can expect a lot of hammering riffs and a steamroller-like basic mood, in which the thematic spectrum from Greek mythology to the abysses of the human soul is implemented with a touch of melancholy. Recorded in the Thuringian Hörsturz studio and produced, mixed and mastered by Norman Wille (e. g. Carrion, Beneath the Dying Sky) the quintet makes a great debut.