Metalhead stereotypes

If you saw the title of this blogpost and expected it to be some in-depth analysis of misconceptions in metal, you couldn’t be more mistaken!

Instead, we have some more hilarious stuff that we found on Deviant Art (yes, again) to show you. Portuguese artist LusoSkav crafted this series of “funny because it’s true” caricatures of people from all walks of metal dubbed Luso’s Handy Guide to Metalheads.  And yes, camo shorts are in there.

Scroll down thru the pictures and find your favorite subgenre — it’s like looking in the mirror, isn’t it?


Pretty damned accurate, eh?

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  • Roswell

    Well, Im somewhere between Black and Death Metaller! 😀 Who gives a fuck I love my Music m/

  • Potato_Wyvern

    I’m basically the Deathcore guy but 6’5 and decently chubby. With a little bit of Hardcore Punk.

  • kethy

    I’m a mix of 6 of them haha

  • SeveredLambToes

    HA! I’m a girl so I feel like I’ve been Limited to Ms. Trophy Lass of Metal Grrrrl! I’m feeling the Power Metaller! I own swords, I am the BIGGEST TOLKIEN fiend you’ll ever meet. I feel like I’m a Mix, I do end up on facebook in a lot of peoples’ photos but its not due to my efforts. I wear guy clothes but when I tell people that they are super surprised? I dress like the Power metaller and the Black Metaller… dude, I have no idea.

  • yu4

    wait, so a female metal fan is always either a lesbian-lookalike or a slut? that makes me sad, I don’t want to be either 🙁

  • Drew The Metal Worker/Head

    Power Metaller All the WAY!! 😀 Also Black Sabbath All the Way!… Yep.

  • mod

    I prefer Irish metal more than vikings! And all wearing Celtic knots jewelry.

  • Danny Diabolus

    I’m a mix of black metaller (love anything satanic/unholy and wardrobe mainly consists of all black and studs and spikes), thrasher (love punk rock, owns jean kutte and leftist) viking/folk and power metaller (you’l likely find me at medieval faire, definitely own a couple swords and most definitely a Tolkien/Elder Scrolls fanboy!)

  • Dave Trenchraider Smith

    Dress like the Viking do everything thats written with Power xD

  • Lorenzzo Zolin

    it’s just me that,looking to “that fat fuck with the pantera shirt on” remembers tony foresta from municipal waste? o.O

  • TeamEdwardJace

    so just because a female metalhead may dress (and there are some female heads who dress like the above picture, she’s not a true metal head and is only there with her boyfriend. female and male metalhead fashion can cary. your post is not entirely accurate bro. also this for trophy metal girl stereotype (there are female metalheads who may dress like this) and are huge metal fans. this look shares a similairty to the sub style goth(femme fatale. unfornately some of these goths are known as the skank goth)

  • Enrique

    Seriously I want to see stoner/sludge/doom metalhead too

  • Dana Alex Davidson

    Can you do Tool fans, or prog/technical/math metalheads?

  • PegasusBoots

    Definitely power metal. I laughed my ass off.

  • detors

    I like most of the genres mentioned here but My favorite is Black Metal I also make Black Metal.

  • boredom1

    I’m a death, black, thrasher, and a power metal. Maybe a little bit of fatty….

    • boredom1

      I forgot deathcore. I’m deathcore somewhat…

  • Joshiooooo

    Ha I’m a mix of Viking and Thrasher

  • Zango

    Haha great ! Pretty damn accurate! So I’m like a mix between the Thraser (yes, also from a minority ) and the Brutal Death, but mostly THRASH !
    I would love to see the “hipster” metal fan, a Goregrind fan and ofc a GLAM METAL fan !

  • Stig Tripp

    I’m a combination of death, power and thrasher.

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  • Mandy Deathbat Bennett

    .. HA… Ha.. HAHAHAH ..

    Uh HUH. . . well then.. I guess im: 50% Trophy 25% Metal Grrrl, And 25% Brutal Death Metaller LOL
    -Mandy TGH m/

  • Jay

    I’m a mix of everything expect the female ones and my clothing style is not here

  • Lime X Juice

    alot of my friends are “brutal death metalier” and “deathcore kids”. I’m a thrasher. (minus the alcohol)

  • doomthings

    is there such a type as metal that doesn’t take itself seriously? Cuz thats me and my goofy bandmates (me = girl, bandmates = guys) 😀

  • pifew

    Proud to borrow from all of these

  • anthemlog

    Why does the power metaler seem like a mostly normal person? As well as not seeming like an idiot like the rest of them?

  • erethjyhrt

    Why are people comparing themselves to these stereotypes?

    These pictures are taking the piss

  • Damien

    Thanks for making this. I find this to be extremely accurate. Do Christian metal, I need a laugh!!

  • Kriss

    Mix between thrash metaller and brutal death metaller

  • Prog-metalers too!

  • Definitely glam-fan is necessary!

  • Metal down under

    they should do glam metal, Nu metal, Punk and gothic :p

  • Metal down under

    Im a death metal, Power metal,Black metal, Deathcore kid, Thrasher that is quite strange.

  • Josephivanda99

    wheres nu metal

  • I’m a GRRRRRL hear me ROAR

  • Michaelanthonyrohwer

    Do the Melodic Death Metaller!! That would be awesome! :DDDD

  • Fabbin5

    seeing a Trophy Metal Girl totally makes my day!!

  • Amandamaddera

    The Thrasher looks exactly like Jesse from Havok 

  • Dethallica

    Ahhh the Trophy metal girls… How i adore them and would kill to have one of them

  • I’m a black metaller, but I’m not right-wing in any way.

  • This was hilarious.  Nicely done.

  • Zeke XIII

    check this site out, they have a similar format but they’re more geared towards scene kids, really funny too


  • Magoodlestein

    Sludge/doom/stoner would be fun to see 

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  • Spartacus34720935

    I would definitively love to a prog metaller.

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  • Hessianerd

    pretty damn good

    oohh oohh! do mathmetal/tech-death!

  • Anonymous

    They couldn`t have ONE cool girl in there??! 😛 

    • Chuck Finley

      Nope. Just a bunch of condescending remarks that basically boil down to “you don’t belong in this scene and you don’t know what you’re doing here.”

    • Corey

      Or, you know, it’s meant as satire and not to be taken seriously.

    • False Name

      Satire is meant to reflect reality, though, not condescending stereotypes.

  • metalpetal

    except for the girls – I’m a perfect mix between both kinds in that I tend to dress like the latter, but my attitude is much more like the first!!! How is it that we’re either butch or doll-like? Give the in between some room!!!! 😛  Otherwise – exxcelent job mate 😉   [though ‘thusly’ is not a word….]

  • Barakonyi

    Haha strange, I’m a mix of 2-3 of them  😀

  • Thegame

    So uh… they should do Glam and Grindcore too…

  • I’m an even combination of Death, Viking, Fatty, Power and Thrasher 😛