Devin Townsend tells fans to “download everything that I’ve ever made”

We caught up with Devin Townsend the other day at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall on his co-headlining tour with Swedish metallers Katatonia.

“Hevy Devy” gave us the low-down on why he wants people to download all of his music immediately, and also talked about how he “bridged the gap” between DIY and being a signed artist by choosing to work with like-minded labels and management companies.

We don’t hate all labels — just the labels that exploit and neglect artists.  So, if you’re looking to get signed, do like Mr. Townsend and only choose a label that will give you the proper attention and support.

  • I just had to visit and say great interview content from Devin, but your interviewer is a TOTAL ASS.

    -Show the man some fucking respect and don’t talk in such a condescending manner, why do you keep bringing up the age thing – like it’s relevant wtf?
    -Let him talk, FFS!
    -Stop trying to be cool, it makes you seem an utter ASSHAT

    Thanks for sharing, great inspiring content from Devin. But yeah, please don’t let that guy interview anyone ever again until he learns how to not be an ass 🙂

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